Remote Strategy Proposal

Many employees find themselves in a scenario where they are being asked to come back to work in a co-located office, when they would prefer to be working remotely. There are many good reasons that someone would want to continue or even start working from home, including health concerns, proven high levels of productivity, family demands, and long commutes being a few.

Employers are often concerned that their workers have not considered the implications of continuing to work in this way, and they won’t be able to maintain an effective organisation. When employees are requesting to work remotely, it may help to demonstrate that they have considered multiple factors of how their role will operate remotely. This tool helps individuals to communicate this request clearly and comprehensively.

Once filled, the responses to this form will be populated into a well presented PDF that can supplement a request to work remotely. Scroll down to the middle of this page to start the form or click here to complete the form in a new, fullscreen tab.